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Elaquent - "Grey Poupon" (feat. Octavio Santos)

Kick off your shoes and loosen that tie, it's time for a meeting with that good ol' recliner. Elaquent has released a blood pressure lowering album called The Scenic Route that will surely ease you into a world of calmness. "Grey Poupon" has a heavy jazz/lounge influence, making it suitable for any dimly lit, classy casual bar. It throws you quickly into a jazzy rhythm, complete with a soothing piano. Soon, a jazz style trumpet butts in, giving the song more energy and flavor. The trumpet is a wonderful touch to the song, as it does it solo in a cool, collected way that you expect to hear in the song. The suaveness of "Grey Poupon" won me over. 

Silky smooth.

      Grey Poupon (ft. Octavio Santos)
Play: Elaquent - Grey Poupon (ft. Octavio Santos)

Chillout · Electronic · Jazz


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