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Beatrice Eli - "The Conqueror" (Starkey Remix) + [Video]

Continuing the ridiculously refreshing trend of Scandinavian electronic/pop artists breaking out of their respective countries of origin and into the UK and US scenes, Beatrice Eli has just dropped a video for track "The Conqueror."

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, she shares management with artists including Wretch 32, Yasmin and Josh Kumra, so pretty good company to be in. Her next single and EP are on the horizon, however no official dates have been set. Whilst we wait we can enjoy the visual and auditory stimulation offered below. While the track has a decidedly "pop" chorus, the deep, ambient bass and electronic synths that roll throughout the track give it a darker edge and more substance than most pop songs. 

Check the video along wth a remix from Starkey that dropped a while back. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/32865659" iframe="true" /]



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