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The Velvet Chameleon – Dandruff EP

The Velvet Chameleon is a creative project contrived by singer/songwriter Adarsh Fernando. The band is set to release 4 EPs by the end of 2012, all of which will coincide with the season during which they are released. The third album of the series is entitled Dandruff, which was released earlier this year in January. The album holds onto themes of isolation and loneliness, perfect for a winter balanced album. The 4-track EP is made up of alternative folk songs which make up a nice collection of ballads. There is a full band backing Fernando on the tracks and it gives the album a sense of life opposite of the identity of the songwriting itself. Fernando shows some potential with his songwriting abilities but I think the music is where this album shines. It's extremely melodic and quite melodramatic but in a good way. The album shows off some nice acoustic chord functionality and the electric guitar fills really bring out the emotions that Fernando is trying to represent. Dandruff is a very decent EP and a good portion to a series of 4 albums from the band.

Acoustic · Alternative · Indie


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  • Awesome!

    Brownmandm April 1, 2012 12:04 AM Reply
  • Solid work Adarsh! Totally feeling some Radiohead in this mix. (always a good thing to be compared to)  Hope to catch you guys live someday soon. 


    Olivcheng April 1, 2012 12:23 AM Reply

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