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Tarot Chords - Vol. 9

Tarot Chords lay before you to conjure more than what we currently have. They tell of a future unlike our own. A future we're in dire need of. The tale of renaissance and the cold rediscovery of the creative spirit. Witch house, drag, ghost drone, dark wave, dark snyth, witch bass, zombie rave and sometimes even seapunk will find their way into the notes of this feature. These sounds are brought to "life" by composers who not only to test the boundaries of music today, but most importantly the paradigms that envelope it.

In this week's episode of Tarot Chords we bring my album that's been waiting to come out for days now. There is a whole story behind it andI can honestly say I'm very happy with it. You can read more into it on the interview I did with Sweetest Drip.

Download Here.


Also we have an exclusive EP from Blown. Blown is best known for making his own style of witch house that is rather on the holy and godly side of the paradigm. Such a genius idea to go ahead with this concept. I really love King of Kings and there's an awesome video that goes with it.

Download: Blown - CROWN OF LIFE

Download: Blown - KING OF KINGS

Download: Blown - LORDS PRAYER

More Supernatural stuff.

I dig this "Summer Drag" track so much below. Great track for summer Slimepunk raves.

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  • yay Croydon! gogogo Omens!

    Avatar Reuel Tiosejo March 29, 2012 11:34 PM Reply
  • That Noms track is DOPEEE!

    Avatar scomen March 29, 2012 11:41 PM Reply
  • Dope post ^_^ Much luv~

    Avatar Slender Man March 29, 2012 11:51 PM Reply
  • no SpaceyNYC?

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