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Sex Ray Vision - Relax [Exclusive]

Well it's been a few months in the making, but Sex Ray Vision has finally released their Relax EP. And while the title of the EP insinuates a calm and restful feeling, Relax is far from it. With former member Brian Yoo moving on to focus on different musical interests, Ravi Parikh has produced 9 all-original tracks, 6 being brand-new, that are "sure to get the girls on the floor and blow the top off any house party". A bold statement that, for the most part, lives up to its' billing. Ravi, a Stanford graduate, does an exceptional job of creating a fluid happy, airy-synth sounds while combining them with a pulsating bass line. The culmination of these sounds are catchy, at times pop-ish, electro tracks. Take for instance "Evolved": the beat has an extremely upbeat sound mixed with a rhythmic bass line that gets your head bobbing. I love the variation in synth notes that creates a seemingly intricate sound, yet you still hear the simple driving beat beneath it all.

      09 Evolved
Download: Sex Ray Vision - Evolved

However, while Sex Ray Vision creates something that surely will garner multiple plays throughout college students' parties and speakers, I was left wanting a bit more. For a 9 track EP that is geared towards "any house party", the tracks ran a little short - longest track is 4:30. In other words, the track was long enough to pique my interest and start getting my head bobbing but too short for me to really go absolutely insane. Not a deal-breaker, but a minor knock. So catch an EARMILK exclusive, along with some of my personal favorites, and download Relax below.

EARMILK Exclusive

      09 Elevation EARMILK Exclusive
Download:Sex Ray Vision - Elevation

Relax EP

      01 Control
Download: Sex Ray Vision - Control

      02 Orbital
Download: Sex Ray Vision - Orbital

      07 One By One
Download: Sex Ray Vision - One By One

      08 Blowfish
Download: Sex Ray Vision - Blowfish 

Download Relax EP

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