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Poor Spirits - What is the Vibe is [EP Premiere]

Thanks to Carlos, the 3 letter placements of NBD is known as no bad days from the West coast to the East. Ex-Californian and current Brooklyn-ite Poor Spirits has a bundle of goodies for us. Think of this as a delicious treat in all shapes and forms. We are hosting an exclusive premiere of his latest project,  a little EP titled What is the Vibe is. Unlike his previous album Forever Cruising, these are all instrumentals with no digital voices. What is the Vibe is contains 5 scandalously tropical and buoyant tracks. One that stands out is "CRYSTLS", where it begins with a darker undertone and climaxes to a funky rave. Carlos gave us a little blurb on the EP as well as the secret behind the perfect margarita. Check it out and enjoy What is the Vibe is below. Tell us which are your favorites in the comments also.
"Basically, this EP has tracks that I've been working on since January. Mostly on different couches till I got a spot in Bushwick.  It's leading up to a full length down the road. (where I'll have a studio to hopefully fool around in, plus some other guest vocals.) 
I like having fun and living by the idea of NBD's. I take very serious the fact you live life once and everyone should experience that to the fullest. 
Every part of every track is important to me. I love finding tones and then bringing them together to form a melody. In the same vein, that's how a margarita should be. You will always have your basic margarita. I just recently had one with agave, pineapple, and jalapeño. It was brilliant. The perfect margarita is all about the attitude."

Download: Poor Spirits - CRYSTLS

      YOU N3V3R CALL
Download: Poor Spirits - !YOU N3V3R CALL!

      N3V3R SL33P
Download: Poor Spirits - !N3V3R SL33P!

Download: Poor Spirits - LOVE

Download: Poor Spirits- BORN BACKWARDS

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9 years ago

A mediafire link would be perfect.