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Sleep Inn - Sleep Inn

Yeah, that's a cool idea. Exactly the words I said out loud when I heard about Fake Flamingo records. Each week, they release a single and b-side from an anonymous artist (or an artist working under a pseudonym) via Bandcamp. If the sales reach $1000, then they'll press limited edition vinyl for 100 of the people that paid. Cool gimmick, right?

The thing about gimmicks is that they rarely produce good music. Fake Flamingo (and my favorite Cut Records) are that rare breed. This week's eponymous release Sleep Inn has two great instrumental tracks with sleepy beats, ghostly vox, and sea sick synths. Those are all good things, by the way. Pick it up here, or try your luck on Bandcamp for some limited edition vinyl. 

      01 Sleep Inn - Midnight (Full Moon)
Download:Fake Flamingo Recordings - Sleep Inn - Midnight (Full Moon)

      02 Sleep Inn - Theyre Fine
Download: Fake Flamingo Recordings - Sleep Inn - They're Fine

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