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Mick Boogie & Slum Village - The Dirty Slums [Mixtape]

Most hip hop fans are aware of the unfortunate events which have brought about several lineup changes to the Detroit outfit Slum Village. Undeterred, founding member T3 along with Illa J and Young RJ are continuing the legacy of SV and its original members J Dilla and Baatin, both whom are now deceased. T3 had this to say about the new direction for SV:

The Dirty District Project is the first of the resurgence of Slum Village Music. This time we’re able to take the Dirty Slum project beyond Detroit and partner with Hip-Hop greats nationally. It’s an exciting and energetic time for music and the new project with Illa J, Young RJ, Big Pooh, Focus, Mick Boogie, and others is a crazy collaboration of soulful rappers, dj and other guest artists.

Featured on the mixtape are guest spots from fellow Detroit natives Big Sean and Black Milk, in addition to Phonte, De La Soul, Phife and others. It's no secret that fans are clamoring for Fantastic Volume 3, and while earlier this year T3 hinted at the possibility of the project coming to fruition, there is no concrete release date for an upcoming SV album at the moment. For now, enjoy SV's latest musical offering.

      Just The Past (feat. Big Sean & Black Milk)
Download: Slum Village & Mick Boogie - Just The Past (f- Big Sean & Black Milk)

      Special (feat. Phonte)
Download: Slum Village & Mick Boogie - Special (f- Phonte)

Download: Mick Boogie Presents: Slum Village - The Dirty Slums



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