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Janek Gwizdala - It Only Happens Once

Like I said before, you think you know shit about jazz until you're staring down the barrel of a jazz bassist roommate and his really cool posters of Mad Men looking black dudes playing sexy-as-fuck instruments. You is, of course, me in that instance. I don't know shit about jazz. But that doesn't mean I can't find good jazz, which is something I did today.

Janek Gwizdala is an English bassist who's worked with loads of people I've never (but I'm sure my roommate's) heard of. Here's what I do know, he compares himself to Dave Grohl and Miles Davis, and his brand of more-than-experimental jazz is perfect for my purposes: homework, sleeping, relaxing, maybe making out with someone (only on the weekends). 

His new album It Only Happens Once was self-released today on Bandcamp, and it's filled with a good mix of tracks, some bass-heavy, some not, all really interesting to listen to. They make me want to suit-up. And I've included my two favorites for free. So go over to Bandcamp and download this NOW. And remember, just because you can download it for free, doesn't mean you have to. Enjoy.

      01 Crushing
Download: Janek Gwizdala - Crushing

      06 Straight Lines
Download: Janek Gwizdala - Straight Lines

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