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Grandpa Was a Lion - Whalestoe B-Sides

Last monday, Grandpa Was a Lion (aka Brooklyn's Justin D'Onofrio) dropped his earthy, lo-fi "Strawberry Fields Forever" cover via Bandcamp. It kickstarted my spring 2012 mixtape.

I'm happy to say that GWL's done it again, releasing a set of b-sides from his 2011 debut The Whalestoe Tapes. Each song dampened in soft, hazy reverb, with ghostly vox and a bright acoustic guitar, the Whalestoe B-Sides give the tight, more mature songs off Mona Lisa Apple a run for their money. But this isn't a competition. All GWL's music is brilliant. 

Pick it up for $2 (or more) on Bandcamp, and never look back. Enjoy.

      02 Untitled
Download: Grandpa Was A Lion - Untitled

      04 It Wasnt Fire
Download: Grandpa Was A Lion - It Wasn't Fire

      07 American Bones
Download: Grandpa Was A Lion - American Bones

Indie · Lo-Fi


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