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Artist Remixed - OFWGKTA

There are thousands of popular artists out there today making new singles all the time. With the increase of bedroom producers, though, the ability to simply download a whole studio that you can use right on your lap has made original songs more scarce. Now it seems that you're finding tens of thousands of remixes by artists with more and more ludicrous names, leaving you wondering, "Viking Sword Bro- what?" This weekly segment will bring you the popular remixes and the never heard of "Viking Sword Brothers" remixes of a (common) artist's singles. From all these bedroom producers we are seeing one thing, and that is absolutely fantastic, manipulated, warped remixes.

So here it is, an idea I've played with before that I never really put into action. All OFWGKTA fans are probably losing their heads right about now so I'm going to ask you calmly to please place your head back on so you can finish reading the rest of this post. For this week's Artist Remixed I've played around again with the structure from talking about it on my Facebook page (Earmilk writers use those for things other than spam?!) to form the list as my top 10 favourite remixes and then include an additional handful of goodies that's the "cookies to your milk.




10. iTheory Cover

Starting this whole list, I've included iTheory's cover of Frank Ocean's "Swim Good" from his Frank Ocean Project where he has made several covers of Frank Ocean's songs. One of the reasons that this cover stuck out to me (since I'm sure there are a ton of other covers littered all over the Internet) is because of the passion behind iTheory's voice. iTheory reminds me of a young Weeknd with a deep passionate voice that could woo any girl if he were to only sing them a couple lines. Enjoy. 

      Thinkin Bout You (iTheory Cover)
Download: Frank Ocean - Thinkin 'Bout You (iTheory Cover)

      10 Swim Good (iTheory Cover)
Download: Frank Ocean - Swim Good (iTheory Cover)


9. Glitch My Smoke Remix

 "Novacane" was an already soft song with a smooth beat and Frank Ocean's gentle lyrics over the track. Glitch My Smoke's remix is a glitchstep remix of the original that's all over the place yet somehow seems to maintain a consistincy of madness. I've always been a fan of glitch sounds so this remix was a real treat to me. Enjoy.


8. JikJak Remix

JikJak's remix is a softer version of the original that's almost indie if it weren't for its deep bass and fading synths. This remix stuck out to me because of the layered soft vocals over the top of Earl's lyrics combined with the new beat. Almost ambient, it gets more aggressive as the remix goes on. Enjoy. 

      Orange Juice (JikJak Remix)
Download: Earl Sweatshirt - Orange Juice (JikJak Remix) 


7. DJ Tax3r Remix

DJ Tax3r brings in all the electro trash you could ask for and more. Filled with thrash, clash, a heavy bass line and a raging synth, Tax3r slams Tyler's "Goblin" and "Bastard" down with no mercy. His style of pause and break makes his electro thrash even more head shaking sporadic than even Suicide Sundaes can bring you. Enjoy. 

      07 Goblin (DJ Tax3r Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Goblin (DJ Tax3r Remix)

      Bastard ( DJ Tax3r Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Bastard ( DJ Tax3r Remix)


6. Spol Remix

Spol's remix is another remix of Yonkers, which this post seems to be full of. If you're familar with Spol, which any basshead should be, then you should previously know of Spol's ability to bring in a bass that rocks heads of shoulders. This flawless talent holds true for yet another remix as he takes Tyler, the Creator's "Yonkers" and pumps it full of filth and grime making it a remix that could burst any speakers. Enjoy.

      06 Yonkers (Spol Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (Spol Remix)


5. Kid Kimax Remix

Kid Kimax's remix is a fast-paced glitch wave remix of Tyler, the Creator's "Fish." This remix stuck out to me because of the glitchy beat matched with a dreamlike synth that work so well together. Half way through the track it picks up and gets more aggressive with a synth building you up to a moombah drop that changes the original completely. Kid Kimax nailed it on this one going from a glitchy synth wave start to a electro moombah drop and back again to a synth wave deconstruction. Enjoy. 

      09 Fish (Kid Kimax Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Fish (Kid Kimax Remix)


4. Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix

Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia teamed up to remix 3 of Tyler, the Creator's songs that are an amazing mix of jazz, rap and instrumental beats. Their remixes often go through a mix of jazz features then back to Tyler's dark lyrics. Even combining percussion with a deep bass and dark synth they manage to accomplish a wide range of sounds. Enjoy.

      Yonkers (Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix)

      04 Radicals (Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Radicals (Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix)

      Goblins (Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Goblins (Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia Remix)


3. Mu-Gen Remix

Mu-Gen's remix of "Drop" made it my third favourite remix for several reasons, I just love how it's practically nothing like the original. The heavy bass with a deep kick combined with Tyler's odd vocal on every second beat sends me shivers. Mu-Gen absolutely nails this one, it's dark, eerie and is full of bass. Reminds me a ton of  future bass witch house. Enjoy.

      03 Drop (Mu-Gen Remix)
Download: OFWGKTA - Drop (Mu-Gen Remix)


2. Rebuilder Remix

At number 2 we have Rebuilder's amazing glitch wave remix that instantly will send FlyLo vibes directly down your spine. This remix is rarely short, at just 2 minutes it leaves you drooling for more (as often smaller tracks do). From the initial chords to the final beat it has a groovy space beat that works spontaneously with Tyler and Earl's rap. One of the reasons that this remix really stuck out to me is the flawless glitch wave beat. It makes you have to move and jam but it doesn't shake your brain violently (like bass does), instead it works smoothly with a nice beat. The lyrics over the top are just an added bonus. Enjoy. 


1. Sick Nifty Remix

Scary, terrifying, filthy, horror, only a few of the words that come to my mind when I hear this slaughter of the original. I love dubstep, brostep, filthstep or whatever you Internet trolls want to call a genre when it's absolutely grimy and full of wobble. I think we could start a new genre titled "deathstep" when it comes to this remix, imagine "Yonkers" being thrown in a blender while Sick Nifty constantly presses pulse, pausing and breaking, cutting the track up and throwing it around in a bowl. Throw in some bass, deep vocals and a heavy kick with escalating synths and your left with a gruesome shake = this remix. Enjoy - if you dare.

      01 Yonkers (Sick Niftys Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (Sick Nifty's Remix)


The Cookies for your Milk

Below is another big list of remixes and mashups that I gathered in my hunt for remixes that warp, twist and manipulate the sound of OFWGKTA in other unique ways. I suggest checking out Sango's, RAWR's, Pacific Nation's and Deadlights remixes as well. 

      Earl (The Deelahz Remix)
Download: Earl Sweatshirt - Earl (The Deelahz Remix)

      Thinking About You (Sango Remix)
Download: Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (Sango Remix)

      08 Thinking About You (DJ R3V0LUT10N Bootleg)
Download: Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (DJ R3V0LUT10N Bootleg)

      Radicals (Dealex Remix)
Download: OFWGKTA - Radicals (Dealex Remix)

      Dracula (Hanz Remix)
Download: OFWGKTA - Dracula (Hanz Remix)

      Yonkers (RAWR Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (RAWR Remix)

      Yonkers (Pacific Nations Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (Pacific Nations Remix)

      Yonkers (Eskimo Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (Eskimo Remix)

      Yonkers (Barbaric Merits Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers (Barbaric Merits Remix)

      Tron Cat (Svengali Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Tron Cat (Svengali Remix)

      Martians VS Goblins (k-Lien Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Martians VS Goblins (k-Lien Remix)

      French (Toro y Moi Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - French (Toro y Moi Remix)

      Bitch Suck Dick (DeadLights Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Bitch Suck Dick (DeadLights Remix)

      Bastard (Dark Star Production Remix)
Download: Tyler, The Creator - Bastard (Dark Star Production Remix)

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