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Best Coast – "The Only Place"

California's indie-pop dream duo Best Coast have given us something to get excited about with their new song "The Only Place." After setting hearts a-flutter the world over with their last album Crazy for You with LA-based label Mexican SummerBethany Cosentino and musical partner Bobb Bruno are back to re-light that old flame.

Best Coast's lo-fi style, simple melodies, and lyrics wrought with romantic and/or relationship-y themes give their music a potent dose of nostalgia that resonates with listeners – both on a large scale and more personally. So don't be suppressed if you end up sending a few regrettable text messages, or looking up an old flame online after giving "The Only Place" (and the rest of Best Coast's library) a well-deserved listen.

      Best Coast -The Only Place
Download: Best Coast – The Only Place


Best Coast's next album, also entitled The Only Place, is set for release on May 15th from Mexican Summer records.

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