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DJ Haus - Needin' U [EP + Video]

Emerging with a name doomed to be exhausted by tasteless bedroom jockeys, DJ Haus  might be one of the most misleading handles to cheeky crate diggers alike. But don't go off the mark, the man has done a fair weight behind the scene putting his stamp on the likes of Dubbel Dutch, Nightwave, and LOL Boys with his acclaimed label Unknown to the Unknown. On the production front, Haus has plenty of cameos under his belt, having released records as one half of the duo Hot City. Regardless of the moniker, one attitude remains apparent in everything this man lays his hands on. A yearning for the old school, his sound illustrates a cultured history while progressing to a point that avoids the looming fate of repetition. And his debut release couldn't make this demeanor ever more evident.

Needin' U is a self-described "classic slice of UK Hardcore". Operating on a beating drum break, the track ventures through a number of presets that defined the rave craze over the English channel. Tin-like leads clatter out melodies more bent on percussion, often contrived from a source of cheap bell imitation. Haus is bold in the way he teeters across the line between modern convention and outdated corniness. Putting his work on the line by fearlessly applying a flanger on the hats and fleshing out an opaque 90s lead. The analogue re-rub by DFA's Capracara is well worth a mention as the Londoner satiates the mouths of techno contemporaries with intricate lines of snappy drum timbres from the jaunty closed hats oscillating in the high end to the punchy snare supplementing the kick and rolling out the low end groove. Both tracks are definitely worth a keep, and the video below makes for a bowing appearance for this nostalgia driven individual.

(UTTU1UP) Unknown to the Unknown: DJ Haus - Needin' U EP

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