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Mac Miller – Macadelic [Mixtape]

Mac Miller's latest project, Macadelic, dropped just moments ago. Its release was narrowly preceded by the release of a new video for the track "Loud," and the cover and overall feel of the project seem to echo a sentiment similar to that in the video. Mac Miller is no longer living in the Best Day[s] Ever. His life has changed radically over the last year, and the aesthetic of his music and his brand are reflecting that.

It's hard to tell whether this is a conscious effort by Miller, or just some kind of natural artistic progression. Probably a little of both. This Mac Miller is someone who's wholly comfortable with his fame and success, rather than shying away from it for the sake of maintaining a boyish persona. How will his fans feel about this transformation? That remains to be seen.

      01 - Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds)
Download: Mac Miller – Love Me As I Have Loved You (prod. Ritz Reynolds)

      03 - Loud (prod. ID Labs)
Download: Mac Miller – Loud (prod. ID Labs)

      06 - Vitamins (prod. ID Labs)
Download: Mac Miller – Vitamins (prod. ID Labs)

      08 - Lucky Ass Bitch (feat. Juicy J) (prod. Lex Luger)
Download: Mac Miller – Lucky Ass Bitch (feat. Juicy J) (prod. Lex Luger)

      16 - America (feat. Casey Veggies%20%20Joey Bada) (prod. Hannibal King)
Download: Mac Miller – America (feat. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$) (prod. Hannibal King)


Hip-Hop · Mixtape · Pop


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  • um…what a way to completely destroy the Bird and the Bee song in Lucky Ass Bitch…omg kind of hurts me to listen

    Pens & Pencil Skirts March 26, 2012 11:22 AM Reply
  • its not wonder the united states is in complete economic turmoil when the population listens to un-intelligent sh-t like this.

    X_games_ March 26, 2012 12:51 PM Reply
  • No one cares what you think skank. Who the f*ck makes twitter updates on going to IHOP and 7-Eleven? Dumb bi*ches…

    Stfustupidhoe March 27, 2012 3:23 AM Reply
  • Mac Miller is the saaaaa'st dude

    K-Dog February 14, 2013 2:32 PM Reply

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