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Groundation - Building an Ark

Gather around, it's grounation time. Grounations are ancestral Rastafarian gatherings where the participants use prayer and music to obtain a common vibration. Groundation gets its name from this rasta ceremony, and their live shows are often compared to these gatherings, the audience leaving with a feeling of intense positivity and unity. Live shows abound, it's been two years since the progressive reggae giants of Groundation have released an album. Their new record Building An Ark was just released digitally and internationally but the official US release isn't until the end of April. Groundation's new songs are poignant, powerful and brilliant musical constructs. The ten new tracks are a melting pot of reggae, jazz, and funk. Lead singer Harrison Staford's lyrics are sharp and militantly positive, almost demanding unification, while David Chachere kills it on this album laying down some jazz trumpet runs that would make Miles Davis wince in astonishment. Altogether, this is the best album to date from, in my opinion, one of the greatest bands playing music today. On the single "Humility," Groundation employ all nine of their musical weapons to enliven your spirit and make your head bob. 



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