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#Mashup Monday - Week 54

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

Time to end your Monday with a plethora of mashups ranging with a variety of styles. Joey Beatz provides us with two mashups today - one being a harder hitting mash courtesy of Zedd laid underneath the sensual vocals of Miss Palmer and the other being some Dada Life combined with Justice. Definitely enjoyed what Joey fused together. Another artist that gives us a double feature is No Pets Allowed. My preference of his two mashes in this week's segment is "Do I See The World", and yes I'll avoid mashes with Ludacris for next week.

If you're looking for more subdued and chill mashes, then make sure you check out Loo & Placido's "Empire Of The Shining Sun" as well as Klitormix's "Swag Steppin' Back To Cali". I've never really listened to Bob Marley, but Loo does a great job of giving Empire of the Sun a more unique touch by adding in some of that reggae vocals courtesy of Marley. Klitormix, on the other hand, takes a well-used sample of Biggie and meshes him with the sounds of Robotic Pirate Monkey. Digging the track, even if I think that the Biggie sample is becoming overplayed.

Last couple of tracks that I think deserves to be mentioned are Yoni's "The World Is Your Gift" off his FIRE album, DJ RadioDreaD's "Illmerica on Q" - one can never go wrong with Wolfgang or King Fantastic...combine them and you have a deadly combination, and N3AKO's "Must Be Dying". N3AKO gives us this celebratory track for being selected to perform at ULTRA Music Festival, so quick congratulations to him for the honor of being able to play.

      Joey Beatz (Bootleg) - Cookies Are Your Friends (Dada Life x Justice)
Download: Joey Beatz - Cookies Are Your Friends (Dada Life x Justice)

      Yoni - The World is Your Gift
Download: Yoni - The World is Your Gift

      No Pets Allowed - Do I See the World
Download: No Pets Allowed - Do I See the World?

      N3AKO - Must Be Dying (Nero X Forever Kid X Kill The Noise)
Download: N3AKO - Must Be Dying (Nero X Forever Kid X Kill The Noise)

      DJ RadioDreaD - Illmerica On Q (King Fantastic x Wolfgang Gartner)
Download: DJ RadioDreaD - Illmerica On Q [King Fantastic x Wolfgang Gartner]

      Compson Sound - Release the Trio (Arty x Agnes x Adele x RHCP x Madonna)
Download: Compson Sound - Release the Trio (Arty x Agnes x Adele x RHCP x Madonna)

      The Hood Internet - City Luuks (Kid Sister x Flosstradamus x Symmetry)
Download: The Hood Internet - City Luuks (Kid Sister x Flosstradamus x Symmetry)

      Loo and Placido - Empire Of The Shining Sun (Bob Marley x Emire of the Sun)

      Bars Deep - Make You Gravitate
Download:Bars Deep - Make You Gravitate

      Fissunix - HitzBreaker (Led Zeppelin Mashup Remix)
Download: Fissunix - HitzBreaker (Led Zeppelin Mashup Remix)

      Klitormix - Swag Steppin Back to Cali
Download: Klitormix - Swag Steppin' Back to Cali (Notorious BIG x Robotic Pirate Monkey)

      No Pets Allowed - Papercuts and Night Shades
Download: No Pets Allowed - Papercuts and Night Shades

      Joey Beatz (Bootleg) - No Beef Breaking A Sweat (Zedd ft The Doors x Miss Palmer)
Download: Joey Beatz - No Beef Breaking A Sweat (Zedd ft The Doors x Miss Palmer)

      DJ Burnout - Graduated From Booze
Download: DJ Burnout - Graduated From Booze (Arty, Matisse & Sadko - Quad City DJs)

      RekD - Inebriated
Download: Rek'D - Inebriated

      Cake Effect - Level Problems
Download:Cake Effect - Level Problems

      Two Friends - Stacys Mode (2F MILF ALERT Bootleg)
Download: The Two Friends - Stacy's Mode (2F MILF ALERT BOOTLEG)

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9 years ago

Fuck, that Justice and Dada Life mashup is absolutely amazing. Great find Gutz. 

Eric Kolibas
Eric Kolibas
9 years ago

Really digging this week's tracks, especially Do I See The World and Make You Gravitate. Solid work.

Big Cat
Big Cat
9 years ago

Bars Deep on the rise. Make you Gravitate!

Jon Cortez
9 years ago

stacys mom remix is SICK !