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Wobble Wednesday [Version Deux]

Welcome back to the newly improved Wobble Wednesday! My name is Logan and I’ll be helping you with your withdrawal of pulse-thumping, face-melting bass. In version deux of the series we're stepping it up a notch. Earmilk has come a long way with its new re-launch, and the same goes for bass music as well. In version 2 of Wobble Wednesday, we've decided to expand upon the different types of bass music, including more music per category. So let us know what you think, it's for your ears too!

Like any type of music, evolution was evident. New producers jump on the scene and change things up. They find their own sound. That’s what we are experiencing with dubstep nowadays. There are the grimy, deep basslines evident with the sounds of Benga and Emalkay. Then there is the more filthy, loud, in-your-face sound that we have come to recognize from Skrillex, Alvin Risk and many others. Ah, the classic UK Bass vs. US Filth rivalry; common these days, but we're learning that more producers are trying to incorporate both into their sets. Now let's try and throw a wrench into this by adding a full drum & bass section to hear to the softer, chiller side of dub.

Without any further delay, let’s get into it. Turn the volume up, preferably heavy on the sub, and enjoy the sound. We’ll see you next week!


There have been many DJs crushing the dubstep scene recently, but more often than not they have slowly evolved into the genre. Take French electro producer Pyramid for example. His mixes are melodic with a deep emphasis on bouncy fun synth and bass. Jack Beats has been on everyone’s radar for a long time now, and their newest track "Deeper" is one of the first songs that I’ve legitimately had the bassline stuck in my head. It’s amazing how they can switch the tempo up midway through and still flow so perfectly.

      Benga - I Will Never Change
Download: Benga - I Will Never Change

      Foxes - Youth (Pyramid Remix)
Download: Pyramid - Foxes - Youth (Pyramid Remix)

      Skream - Filth
Download: Skream - Filth

      Deadmau5 - Aural Psynapse (Kiss Kris Remix)
Download: Kiss Kris - Aural Psynapse by Deadmau5 (Kiss Kris Remix)

      Savoy - DIY
Download: Savoy - DIY (Original Mix)

      Mensah - Digital Dreamer
Download: Mensah - Digital Dreamer

      Jack Beats - Deeper
Download: Jack Beats - Deeper

      Flux Pavilion (Feat. Example) - Daydreamer
Download: Flux Pavilion - Daydreamer (Feat. Example)


SMOG label regular, Flinch, has been busy finishing up his major US tour with 12th Planet, Kastle, Crizzly and others. I was lucky enough to catch him when he came into Boston, and let me tell you, the man does not disappoint. His number one track off his new EP Light It Up is an absolute BANGER! It’s currently the number 1 dubstep EP on Beatport and for good reason, check out the entire Light It Up EP when you get a chance. You may know 501 from his ridiculous remix of Zedd’s "Shave It," and now he’s back with another epic track, this time featuring the vocals of Belle Humble. Dillon Francis, one who I hope does not need much of an introduction these days, just recently released his newest moombahton track, remixing "Pull Up Wheel Up" by Sinden.

      Datsik%20%20Kill The Noise - Lightspeed
Download: Datsik & Kill The Noise - Lightspeed

      Flinch - Light It Up
Download: Flinch - Light It Up (Original Mix)

      Sinden - Pull Up Wheel Up (Dillon Francis Remix)
Download: Dillon Francis - Sinden - Pull Up Wheel Up (Dillon Francis Remix)

      Smoothiesforme - Forbidden (System Remix)
Download: System - Forbidden by Smoothiesforme (System Remix)

      The Weeknd - The Fall (Omega Remix)
Download: Omega - The Weeknd - The Fall (Omega Remix)

      Amy Kuney - Sway (Butch Clancy Remix)
Download: Butch Clancy - Amy Kuney - Sway (Butch Clancy Remix)

      501 - Headrush (feat. Belle Humble)
Download: 501 - Headrush (feat. Belle Humble)


I’m going to start out by talking about the drum & bass legends Chase & Status. Yes, the song “Saxon” is a couple of years old, but goddamn is it good! I knew instantly that I wanted to feature it because it's one of the lesser known songs by the duo. I mean how many remixes of “Time” or “Let You Go” have we all heard? This track stands on its own, you can’t remix an already perfect song. High Contrast recently released a full length album and the single, "The Agony & Ecstasy," is one of the best produced DnB tracks I’ve heard in a while.

      Mind Vortex - Hotbox
Download: Mind Vortex - Hotbox

      Noisia - Diplodocus (Kill the Noise Remix)
Download: Kill The Noise - Noisia - Diplodocus (Kill the Noise Remix)

      High Contrast - The Agony%20%20The Ecstasy (Feat. Selah Corbin)
Download: High Contrast - The Agony & The Ecstasy (Feat. Selah Corbin)

      Chase%20%20Status - Saxon
Download: Chase & Status - Saxon

      Borgore - Flex ft. Shay (Figure Remix)
Download: Figure - Borgore - Flex ft. Shay (Figure Remix)


The first song I heard by Philly native DJ, MitiS, is the same one that I am featuring below. “Written Emotions” has been out for a few months now but it’s honestly one of my favorite chillstep songs to date. The Frim’s remix of Audiafauna’s song "Roots" is rhythmic and calm, as well as keeping its heavy drums and gritty bassline that we’re quickly learning is a staple for this young producer. It was a friend of mine that first pointed him out to me, and what synched it was in Croydon’s interview with Skream and Benga, Skream gave The Frim a shoutout for his track "High Technology Dub 6." That should be authority enough to check it out.

      Yelle - Seteint Le Soleil (Mistereric Remix)
Download: Yelle - S'eteint Le Soleil (Mistereric Remix)

      MitiS - Written Emotions
Download: MitiS - Written Emotions

      Alphabet Pony - Space (Draper Remix)
Download: Draper - Alphabet Pony - Space (Draper Remix)

      Audiafauna - Roots (The Frims Lets Get Skreamy remix)
Download: The Frim - Audiafauna - Roots [The Frim's Lets Get Skreamy remix]

      ENiGMA Dubz - I Only Smoke Weed (The Green Light Compilation)
Download: ENiGMA - I Only Smoke Weed (The Green Light Compilation)


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