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Cinnamon Chasers - "Warm Rush" [Exclusive Remix + Interview]

      Warm Rush (Russ Davies Remix)
Download:Cinnamon Chasers - Warm Rush (Russ Davies Remix)

EM: Cinnamon Chasers (reminds me of a certain breakfast cereal). Tell us about how that name came to be? And your favorite breakfast cereal?
Russ Davies:The project was first called "the light", then "light chasers".. then I thought the whole thing came across as too spiritual so I decided to lighten the whole mood up with the word cinnamon. It would make a nice cereal too, maybe with a free cd on the front. My favourite cereal? Cheerios
EM: Dave Davies is your father! He's also in The Kinks. Everyone loves The Kinks. You might have to elaborate on this but how was growing up? Your childhood?
RD: The coolest thing I remember from my childhood and my dad was that in the 80's he had a home studio and there were all these great classic synths and drums machines, which I'd play around with endlessly as a kid.  Definitely some seeds were sown in those days!
EM: The Kinks are a classic indie rock band. What drove you into the electronic music scene?
RD: I grew up in London as a teenager in the 90's, and the most exciting thing you could do with your time in those days was to go to all the underground electronic parties around the city. That was the freshest culture going on with the strongest energy.  If my dad and uncle were born in the same era as me then they'd be the same I'm sure.  
EM: We have an exclusive track from your EP, tell us about how you generated this collection?
RD: I've been writing for the last 6 months ideas for the new album.. I take an organic approach to writing and let ideas flow for themselves. This ep is a sample of some of the vibes from the coming album, but they'll be many surprises to come.
EM: What should we expect from the summer album?
RD: I like change and I like new directions always..The album is sounding very electric, analogue and moody, and with more attitude than previous cinnamon releases.
EM: The exclusive is a remix of "Warm Rush", done by yourself. What is the difference between the original and the remix? 
RD: I  always doing harder more energetic club versions of the Cinnamon tracks that I'll play out at gigs - at gig I like the energy to be really high and peaking, so that's what all the Cinnamon Chasers remixes are for.
EM: You basically have the three important music genres down. Electronic, pop and rock. Can you list us some of your favorite bands/artists of each category?
RD: I love  all the general movements in music, emerging trends and changes in taste - it's a big sea of ideas and feelings and I think many artists contribute greatly to this ebb and flow, but as individual entities not so many artists stick out necessarily for me.  There are many good moments here, there and everywhere. 
EM: The band you have with your father, The Ashere Project. Tell us a little about that?
RD: We're both big sci-fi fans. The Aschere Project is a kind of avant garde electronic prog-rock record, set in a cosmic space opera storyline, and we wrote a pretty far-out story to accompany it.  The plan is to one day make a theatrical modern dance performance from it.
EM: With all the projects you're associated with, what makes you keep going? The best aspect of making music? 
RD: I find composing and writing very relaxing and meditative. I find the world becomes a colder place when I'm not being creative. There are times that I take a break from writing and I start to have withdrawals, my soul seems to fade to a weaker version of itself and I can feel strangely hollow. The writing and composing process seems to rejuvenate my soul.. it gives some color to my world. something about music is very reassuring, reminding us that there is some kind of magic out there.
EM: Finally, please describe a physical movement delivered from the listening of your upcoming EP.
hmm. an electronic cuddle
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