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Half and Half Presents: February Month-End Mix

This feature has been kicking around  for a while, stretching fourteen admittedly sparse posts over the course of two years.

Well, February was a new start here. I wanted to make something  where I could give weekly updates for what I'm listening to, and share it with you. Mission accomplished, so far.

To top things off, there will now be a regular month-end 'Half and Half' mix, wrapping up all the artists covered over the course of the month. A great way to succinctly tie the bow on the re-birth of 'Half and Half'. Hope y'all enjoy this first instalment. Mix, track list, and album art are below. Also check out a link recap of the months past posts, to re/aquaint yourselves with all the artists on the mix.


Half and Half Presents: February Month-End Mix

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/38401370" iframe="true" /]

Track Listing

Kinlaw - BRA§E
Evy Jane - Sayso
Evy Jane - OHSO (Andy Dixon Remix)
John Foxx and The Maths - Evergreen
John Foxx and Matthew Dear - Talk
Blawan - Bohla
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Kinlaw -  SUN HAZIF

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Half and Half February Recap

Feb. Week 1 - Kinlaw
Feb. Week 2 - John Foxx
Feb. Week 3 - Blawan
Feb. Week 4 - Evy Jane



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