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Cypress X Rusko - "Roll It Light It" (Travis Barker Remix)

Few people could have missed the release of the first track "Roll It Light It" from the Cypress Hill and Rusko collab project titled Cypress X Rusko. While the track and lyrics may not have pleased some of the older die hard Cypress fanbase, the project has still been the talk of the e-town in recent weeks and you can't really imagine it being anything but varying levels of success rather than failure.

The track now gets the remix treatment from man of a thousand genres Travis Barker and a hundred friends. In true weekend warrior fashion, the remix is being given away for free. Grab a copy below. Travis definitely puts his own twist and signature drums over the track which, if anything, takes it in a more familiar Cypress Hill direction and is actually closer to what I'd imagined the original to sound like. Dare I say this may well be getting more attention than the original...?  

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/38360776" iframe="true" /]

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