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SKetcho Productions - MGM-Jay [MGMT x Jay-Z Album]

There have seemingly been a fair share of mashup albums that enlist the services of the legendary Jay-Z, ranging from The Grey Album (Jay-Z vs Beatles) to The Pretty Album (Jay-Z vs Pretty Lights) to Brooklyn Soul (Jay-Z vs Marvin Gaye). Now SKetcho Productions throws tracks into this wonderful collection with MGM-Jay, an album that takes MGMT instrumentals and pairs them with solely Jay-Z vocals. One would think that there are only so many times using the same Jay-Z track samples would work, but I was pleasantly surprised with how MGMT worked with them. MGM-Jay continues to show the variety of ways that Jay Z can be implemented while at the same time highlighting the sounds that MGMT has become known for. Jay's flow doesn't suffer, and MGMT doesn't lose their uniqueness. SKetcho has successfully added another stupendous Jay-Z mashup to the wide and varied collection that has emerged.

Download: SKetcho Productions - MGM-Jay

      Izzo Found A Whistle
Download: SKetcho - Izzo Found A Whistle

      Nightmares Takeover
Download: SKetcho - Nightmare's Takeover

      Never Handshake (ft. Kanye West)
Download:SKetcho - Never Handshake (ft. Kanye West)

      What More of What
Download: SKetcho - What More of What

      Missing Moment
Download: SKetcho - Missing Moment

      Pretend Service Announcement
Download:SKetcho - Pretend Service Announcement

      99 Kids
Download: SKetcho - 99 Kids

      Electric Shit (ft. Beanie Sigel)
Download:SKetcho - Electric Shit (ft. Beanie Sigel)

      Weekend Dreamin
Download: SKetcho - Weekend Dreamin'

      Success Breaks (ft. Nas)
Download: SKetcho- Success Breaks (ft. Nas)

      Future Magic (ft. Pharrell)
Download: SKetcho- Future Magic (ft. Pharrell)

      4th Dimensional Hustle
Download: SKetcho - 4th Dimensional Hustle

      The Youthprint
Download: SKetcho - The Youthprint

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