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Kosha Dillz - "Friends" (Feat. Ducky) [Exclusive]

Last year, Unknown Morta Orchestra created a summer anthem with their ringing single "Ffrunny Ffrends". Around that same time, LA's jewish rapper, Rami Even-Esh rised above the hip hop scene with his quirky video for "Sweatpants Song". Rami goes by the name Kosha Dillz and this man sounds like Asher Roth rapping at a frat house with Matisyahu. It's a little absurd but definitely funky and a cultural statement. The exclusive we have is a remake of UMO's single by Kosha Dillz featuring a melodic chorus from Ducky. Rami's optimistic flow is consistent and Ducky's voice is enchanting. "Friends" will be on Kosha Dillz's Jetlag EP, along with other indie mixes of Little Dragon, Chelsea Wolfe, Wavves and Black Keys. This exciting record will be done by SXSW (where you can also see him perform at) but feel free to head over to his recent session on Daytrotter in the meantime.

Here is a blurb from the Rami on "Friends",  "As we finish the month of February and head into spring, what would be without our "Friends," whether we spell it correctly or not? :)"

      Friends ft Ducky
Download: UMO/Kosha Dillz - Friends feat. Ducky

"Sweatpants Song" Video

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