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SBTRKT - Hold On [EP]

"Hold On" is quite literally my favourite track off SBTRKT's last album and it is finally seeing an official release as single on XL Recordings on February 21st. The original, featuring vocals by Sampha, is a classic in and of itself but this new remix by SiSi BakBak brings the track to a whole new level. Actually, scratch that, the remix is basically a new song altogether. Chopping and screwing the vocals, SiSi BakBak (reportedly Thom Yorke) slows the beat down and gives the whole thing a dark and ominous house vibe. I've had this on repeat for the last few days and trust me, so will you. Also included on the release is the original version of the track as well as a new-ish instrumental song, which you can listen to below, "Ride To Freedom".

      Hold On (SiSi BakBak Remix)
Play: SBTRKT - Hold On (SiSi BakBak Remix)



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