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Double Dip - 61 - Thriftworks

Welcome to the 61st installment of the Double Dip, I'm here to introduce to you to a Berkeley-area hip-hop producer by the name of Jake Atlas or better known to the scene as Thriftworks.

Thriftwork is fairly new to the hip-hop production arena, releasing his first 20-track album titled Hermetic Thriftology in October of 2010. Now, saying that he's new does not necessarily mean he's not experienced. In a short 2 years, Thriftwork has refined his beat craft, releasing two albums and an EP, thus bringing us to his newest release, Rain Maker.

Rain Maker is a purist's wet dream. Drenched in fat bass lines and dripping of reverb, this album is a must listen for any fans of experimental hip-hop production. Each song bringing its own uniqueness, instrumentals and samples from across the spectrum, but keeping with tradition and inducing the same chilled out form we all know and love. Thriftwork has brought us an eclectic masterpiece and did I also mention that it is completely free? Much like the rest of the releases found on his Bandcamp (thank you internets). So go forth and indulge, trust me it is well worth your time.  

Here are a couple of tracks to whet your whistle below and some breadcrumbs to get you back to the source. Enjoy:

      J.Atlas - Rainmaker - 03 Tllc
Download: Thriftworks - Tlālōc

      J.Atlas - Rainmaker - 02 Swamp Gods
Download: Thriftworks - Swamp Gods

Beat tape · Experimental · Hip-Hop


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