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Frank Haag - The Verdict [EP]

Sauntering out of the foxholes of Amsterdam's red light undergrounds, Frank Haag emerges to challenge dreary dance floors with a reason to think. Unscathed by the big room generia that surrounds him, a techno diamond in the rough. His latest EP The Verdict settles his place as reknowned rising talent and ends a case of being brushed aside without the acknowledgement he deserves. Noted for his remix for the old school legend DJ Slip, Frank has since come a long way to flesh out tracks that fall deeper into the abyss without losing an ounce on substance. The self titled A-track revels in a dark limbo of sporadic retro licks, eery strings, and a thick rumbling bassline.  Teetering along the lines of disco-driven bass riffs taken from deep house darlings and intricate 4 am percussion making for some groove-based perverted techno. Not to mention rolling toms and a corny keyboard preset that makes the 80s influence ever so prominent. On the backside Vancouver's Konrad Black sinks the original even deeper with simplicity and a sinister vibe more reminiscent of the creeping background music in a video game dungeon. Crows and a stirring of come-hither run chills down the spine and it makes for two must haves on this release.

(GTCM009) Get the Curse: Frank Haag - The Verdict EP

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Dance · Techno


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