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#Mashup Monday - Week 51

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

So it's Tuesday instead of Monday, but hopefully the pic above and the tracks below will help remedy your feelings of disappointment towards me. I wanted to start with something huge and luckily for us, Kap Slap provides us with an insane hour-long mashup mix. Complete with some of his older tracks and a couple of new mashes as well, Kap does it big for his Spring Break Mix (as he calls it). DJ Trademark also provides us with a new track titled "See the Lights", and it has a little bit of everything. Some great vocals, engaging synths, and some great bass, all culminating in a track that would captivate any party or club.

 Representing the smaller artists, RSC (Ridgewood Social Club)Dotcom, and DJ 21azy make sure to deliver some dope mashes in their own styles. I chose two tracks of RSC's new album (grab here) that each stood out. "Smells Like Bangduck" takes Nirvana and gives it an interesting yet great EDM twist, while "There and Back Again" stands out for the vocal transitions that occur. DJ 21azy maintains his style of combining hip hop vocals with another hip-hop beat. I've always found the resulting mash an improvement from the originals, and "Victim of a Wish" is no different.

Other mashups of note are the freebies given to us by KillaGraham; an older mash done by Gnarlo that combines some Odd Future with Neutral Milk Hotel;  and a mash done by DJ Strongarm. Strongarm does something that I've never heard before, and that is to utilize 3D audio. While the mash isn't rampant with the 3D audio (only the intro and end have it), I listened with my headphones and I was pretty impressed with the sound effect. Finally, my friend Zach enlightened me to Silent Murda and as the title of the mashup indicates, the combination of samples are indeed deadly. 

      Talib Kweli - Listen (iBenji Bootleg)
Download: Talib Kweli - Listen (iBenji Bootleg)

      Smells Like Bangduck
Download: RSC (Ridgewood Social Club) - Smells Like Bangduck

      See The Lights
Download: DJ Trademark - See The Lights

      Silent Murda - Deadly Combination
Download: Silent Murda - Deadly Combination (Tupac x Biggie x Big L x Wale x The Weeknd)

      Dotcom - Shake My London Bridge
Download: Dotcom - Shake My London Bridge

      Hardwell - Spaceman (Pretty-D%20%20Shippos Madagascar Bootleg)
Download: Hardwell - Spaceman (Pretty-D & Shippo's Madagascar Bootleg)

      Eyes High (Stinkahbell x The Weeknd)
Download: KillaGraham - Eyes High (Stinkahbell vs The Weeknd)

      DJ Strongarm - Because Youre About to Get Mindfucked
Download: DJ StrongArm - ...Because You're About to Get Mindfucked

      There And Back Again
Download: RSC (Ridgewood Social Club) - There And Back Again

      How Will I Know Last Friday Night
Download: Joshu Ra - How Will I Know Last Friday Night

      King of Assmilk Flowers
Download: Gnarlo - King of Assmilk Flowers (Neutral Milk Hotel vs. Odd Future)

      Victim Of A Wish (DJ 21azy Remix)
Download: DJ 21azy - Victim of a Wish

      ElectroSound - Please Dont Be Led By Blind Faith (Mike Posner vs Chase Status)
Download: ElectroSound - Please don't be led by blind faith (Mike Posner vs Chase & Status)

      Born On The Bayou (Ursula 1000 Cheeky Boot)
Download: CCR - Born On The Bayou (Ursula 1000 Cheeky Boot)

      Bogoss Bootlegs - In Too Good Feeling
Download: Bogoss Bootlegs - In Too Good Feeling

      DJ Rick Lee - Fame Fly Away (Bowie vs Lenny Kravitz)
Download: DJ Rick Lee - Fly Away (Bowie vs Kravitz)

      iLL Paris (Kanye%20%20Jay-Z x Chasing Shadows)
Download: KillaGraham - iLL Paris (Kanye West & Jay-Z x Chasing Shadows)

      Baers - Mr 212
Download: Baers: - Mr. 212

      Give It Up Without Love (Third Culture%20%20Sean Johnson Bootleg)
Download: Third Culture and Sean Jeanson - Give It Up Without Love (EDX vs David Guetta & Usher)

      How Will I Know If We Found Love
Download: Joshu Ra - How Will I Know If We Found Love 

Yes, I realize I posted two tracks from Joshu Ra that sample Whitney Houston, but with the unfortunate passing of Whitney, both mashes do a great job of highlighting her vocal prowess.

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