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Lana Del Rey - "Without You" (Kill Paris Remix)

I don't know how people are still a bit shaken up from that fateful SNL performance. You remember, the one with that girl who seemed like such a good choice but ended up being one of the least prepared acts in SNL history? Her name is Lana Del Rey, and I could give a damn about some sub-par performance she had on a dying TV show. Since then she's dropped a new single and has been brought back to her feet by a slew of remixes -- and that's all I need. I'll judge her live show when she gets a second chance -- she clearly wasn't ready for the big stage at the time. But enough about my displeasure with Lana's fan base right now. Let's talk about this remix.

Kill Paris' remix of "Without You" is a rock-infused dubstep remix of the finest typicality. While it won't surprise you with anything new, the filthy, grimy drop pleases a bit more than your typical Filth-step gore. Check out the track below, and wow all your hipster friends by blasting it on a hand-held next time you're at Starbucks.

      Without You (Kill Paris Remix)
Download: Lana Del Rey - Without You (Kill Paris Remix)

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