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Deadboy - Wifey: Valentine's Day Special

It's that day. That day when whether you're single, not-single, or not-not-single, you're bombarded with cloying, overly-saccharine romantically-themed everything. That's where Wifey and Deadboy come in. Wifey, a London-based club, does a series of mixes, and for their Valentine's Day special, they brought in underground UK funky DJ Deadboy. Deadboy hits the nail on the head here when it comes to celebrating the holiday right, and there's something for everyone in the mix, with vocal selections ranging from smooth, silky R&B to nostalgic, sappy classics. Whether you're in the throes of romance, wallowing in your loneliness with a tub of frozen yogurt (we like to keep it healthy, duh) in tow, or somewhere in between, Deadboy's future garage beats interlaced with a wide selection of samples should carry you through the holiday we all love to hate.

Deadboy - Valentine's Day Special (for Wifey London)

Dubstep · Electronic · Garage · Mixtape · U.K.


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