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Introducing - Ender Belongs To Me

Straight from our shout box, Pete Wiggin sent two links to us. A gmail account and a bandcamp page. Perhaps it was the lack of description that initially caught our attention but after one play of "New Light", we were mesmerized. The name responsible for this sedative track is Ender Belongs To Me. "New Light" is melancholic with a compelling layer of innocence, think something along the lines of Youth Lagoon. On Facebook, they currently have 17 likes. This band remained mysterious until EARMILK reached out and below is a personal introduction piece from the band to you.

      New Light
Download: ender belongs to me - New Light

"Ender Belongs To Me is the pet projects of two New York raised musicians and childhood friends. We feature vocalists from all over the music scene, and sometimes we sing ourselves. Everything was recorded using a casio keys from our childhood and an old acoustic guitar.We tracked and mixed and mastered everything in garage band and used only the built in Mac microphone to record. This was the only equipment we had available to us unfortunately.We both use the name Peter Wiggin,  it's an Orson Scott card reference.The psychology involved in Ender's Game has always been truthful to us.

We were 18 when we began. We feel that the music consciously takes the more comfortable pop structures we grew up listening to and jams them into personalized, narrative thought processes that end up as songs. This is why most of the time, we stray from a verse chorus dynamic. Over the course of three years, we recorded three five track EPs.

2009: Artifacts
2010: Texture
2011: Memory
Memory will be the first one officially released in its full EP form via Crash Symbols in late February. The others will be released as well, in reverse order.
The songs all deal with our cynical side, the side that reminds use of our mortality.  we both have had long battles, that still continue to this day, with drugs and alcohol (I don't think this is anything particularly special, just the truth). We've been through extreme highs and lows suffering from all sorts of mental disorders beyond addiction. We've been releasing each song in single format on our bandcamp for our friends and families to download and started receiving some minor interest in our music."
Are you also captivated by Ender Belongs To Me? Let's make them shine.
Dreampop · Indie · Synth


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Graham Bewley
Graham Bewley
9 years ago

great listen for a slow night. Great find guys.