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Big Sean - "Only Two Can Win"

The Detroit native Big Sean commemorates the life of legendary producer J.Dilla with this new record, being today marking the sixth anniversary of Dilla’s passing. The track goes over the Dilla produced "Only One Can Win" instrumental, which is Sean favorite tracks off of J. Dilla’s Donuts. Sean's left a small message that you can read below of his thoughts on the fellow D-town native. Check It Out And Enjoy. Follow me @Ebonicss

      Two Can Win
Download: Big Sean - Two Can Win

 "In honor of J. Dilla being one of the most influential producers of all time, I decided to lay a verse to one of my favorite tracks off of J. Dilla’s Donuts. Being from Detroit I feel I have a responsibility to honor his legacy n continue it in my own way. His soul will live forever… RIP J. Dilla"

Only Two Can Win

Hip-Hop · Rap


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