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LUM - "Halfway In" [Exclusive]

LUM is going away for the winter. No, we don't like this news either, but we'll accept it because he's leaving to work on a new album - and that's something worth waiting for. We've also been graced with his final release before he ventures off into creative hibernation. Tonight LUM will be holding a "going away party," if you will, celebrating his new single and the beginning of a new album. The party will be at The Ossington in Toronto, with DJ sets from LUM, Jesse Brians and Adrianne K. If you are in town tonight, you should cancel your plans and attend. Entrance fee is only $5 and all funds go towards the project, so go support the band.

The new single "Halfway In" features three tracks in all, including the beat-throbbed "Youngest Days" and an acoustic version of "Halfway In." Check out the tracks below and click on the image below for more info on the show tonight.

      01 Halfway In
Download: LUM - Halfway In

      02 Youngest Days
Download: LUM - Youngest Days

      03 Halfway In (Acoustic)
Download: LUM - Halfway In (Acoustic)

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Johnathan Fake Face
Johnathan Fake Face
9 years ago