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oOoOO - "NoWayBack" (Feat. Butterclock)

Two weeks ago, we hosted  an exclusive interview with oOoOO.  In that interview, Christopher Dexter Greenspan introduced us to his live vocals, Laura, who has her own project with the name Butterclock. The interview also touched briefly on his new releases with Tri Angle Records. To follow his works from 2010, Our Loving is Hurting Us is oOoOO's upcoming EP. This is adding to our excitement for spring because Our Loving is Hurting Us will be out on April 10th. If you've been following Butterclock, you should recognize Laura's voice as it glides through the dark waves of "NoWayBack". She adds another dimension to the sinister beats of oOoOO. "NoWayBack" is a single from Our Loving is Hurting Us. Let this track do wonders as you play it religiously till April.

      No Way Back (Feat. Butterclock)
Download: oOoOO - No Way Back (Feat. Butterclock)


Chillwave · Experimental · Indie · Witch


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