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Half and Half Presents: Evian Christ's 'Kings and Them' Mixtape

Half and Half PresentsEvian Christ (now with an official name and place of residency, British 22 year old Joshua Leary) exists in the ethers of the internet, and just recently (and by recently I mean, like ,yesterday) signed to Tri Angle Records joining the likes of Clams Casino, oOoOO, Holy Other, How To Dress Well, etc. So not a bad way to start your career, I suppose. To welcome his official coming out party, Tri Angle released a free, official version of Evian Christ's mixtape called Kings and Them. An easy point of reference sound-wise would be Clams Casino.

His YouTube videos were posted in early January when Dummy broke Evian's tracks (at like, one YouTube view. I'm calling inside job). Earmilk was on that quick, doing a nice little profile piece, on the then then anonymous Evian Christ back at the beginning of last month. He now has more than one YouTube hit, a record label backing, and I'm calling next big thing. Saved the best accolade for last.

Download the Kings and Them mixtape here.

      04 Fuck It None Of Yall Dont Rap
Download:Evian Christ - Fuck It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap



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