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Toro Y Moi - "Dead Pontoon"

Were you a very early Toro Y Moi fan? And, you've slowly changed your tastes in music just as he has done? Well the answer would be yes for all of us but, at the same time, you may long for the type of sound he started with. Well luckily he is set to release a new 7" boxset entitled June 2009 which is a collection of tracks that were all previously unreleased and recorded before Causers of This. One of the tracks to be featured, on the album, is called "Dead Pontoon" (you may of heard it on YouTube) which features a very gritty lo-fi sound that will remind you of Toro's earlier "chill-wave" era minus the super washed out vocals. Enjoy and keep a look out for the box set which drops on April 24th.

Download: Toro Y Moi - Dead Pontoon



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9 years ago

I love his music so much, so glad to see this post :) Always puts me in a nice mellow mood..can't wait for April!