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Pictureplane - "Body Mod" (KRUSHT Remix) [Video]

Remixes of Pictureplane have always existed but with the release of Pictureplane's Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes EP, unknown remixers and their versions of  Travis Egedy are flooding the internet. A personal favorite is KRUSHT's swarthy take on "Body Mod". Today, KRUSHT exposed his rework of "Body Mod" with vintage motion clippings. If you ever took a Film History class (like me, last semester), you can recognize the original footages from "Films Chronophotographiques" by Etienne-Jules Marey. Pieced together by PɨK, the naked moving bodies in black and white creates the perfect visions to KRUSHT's modulations. Right underneath this video, the word "non-profit" is declared and we dig that.

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