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Michael Woods - "Last Day on Earth" (Giddy & Martin Giuffre Remix)

Giddy and Martin Giuffre are two small producers that have been featured on Earmilk before with their single "Triumph" that was a soft building progressive house track. Today I'm bringing you their latest work, which is a heavier style to their usual soft progressive house. A soft melody takes you to smooth vocals of Duvall where a house melody builds the suspense to a uplifting drop where Giddy and Martin's real talent comes out. The house build brings us to a big room drop that has an Avicii kick with an ever-building synth. This track really stood out to me since it has all the conpenents to become a classic club banger; smooth pop vocals, a catchy melody, a big house pounding and on top of all this a memorizing second build that will make you just have to check out some of their other work which can find links for below. 

Michael Woods - Last Day on Earth (Giddy & Martin Giuffre Remix)


Giddy - Myopic (Original Mix)

Giddy & Martin Giuffre - ID (Original Mix Preview)

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