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Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill - "Dancing" (Feat. Phat) (Michael Brun Remix)

Michael Brun, originally from Haiti, has had music instilled in him throughout his childhood. His parents' love of music provided Michael the opportunity to explore it. From percussion-heavy Rara and Afro-groove music to disco and synth-pop as a background in his life, he has played with all genres and sounds. As a child, he explored guitar and piano as live instruments. When he was a teenager, Michael took on electronic aspects of sound with DJing and EDM production.

Michael has been in the electronic music game working hard and experimenting with sound for three years now. In such a short amount of time, it's inspiring how quickly his name has spread throughout the industry. He's received support from some of the most well-respected names in the business. To name a few,  artists such as Hardwell, Kaskade, Dirty South, Markus Schulz, and Thomas Gold have recognized his talent.

A student at Davidson College in Charlotte, North Caroline, Michael Brun produces and inspires from his dorm room. Despite such a small workspace, he has managed to make quite the name for himself. He has hopened for some of the biggest names in EDM (Avicii, AN21 and Max Vangeli, and Nadia Ali).

Mash-up artist/electronic producer 3LAU brought Michael Brun to my attention, and provided me with a sample track to listen to. 3LAU has stated himself, the "kid's gonna be big, I've heard some of his unreleased material it's phenomenal". We can't wait to hear what he brings to the table in 2012. Until then, enjoy his remixed version of the track "Dancing" by Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill ft. Phat. The track will give you a glimpse into his style, talent, and potential. The track is catchy and Michael has managed to provide the listener with an energy-inducing (yet not too overpowering) six minutes of electronic/house experience. 

      Delivio Reavon%20%20Aaron Gill feat. Phatt - Dancing (Michael Brun Remix)
Download: Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill ft. Phat - Dancing (Michael Brun Remix)




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