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Adventure Club - "Do I See Colour"

Adventure Club is renowned for their signature dubstep that uses soft female vocals combined with a shattering drop that explodes into deep bass. From a pop remix of Britney Spears' "Til the World Ends" to the eerie vocals of Metric with their remix of "Collect Call", Adventure Club has made a name for themselves with a tremendous amount of blog love and charting number 1 on Hype Machine for every release so far. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Adventure Club months ago in London before their show to Interview them about their latest work, you can watch the interview here.

The track I'm bringing you today is a brand new track by the Montreal duo that is a complete original. This new track titled, "Do I See Colour" starts with a poppy beat that quickly brings you to a edited and warped girl vocal. A synth fade away pushes us back and than pulls us forward again right to the drop where Adventure Club works their typical magic using deep bass and heavy wobbles to structure their chaotic dubstep. This new original work is a different than their usual style, Adventure Club typically would make a chill (almost eerie) intro that brings you to a mellow dubstep drop. This remix is more hectic and at a faster pace with the vocals edited so you can't hear clear words. I felt this was a good change of style of Adventure Club and am excited to see if they explore this side of their music in the future.

Adventure Club - Do I See Color

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