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Trust - "Sulk"

Trust's latest single, "Sulk", is a delectable preview of things to come on their upcoming LP TRST (out February 28 on Arts and Crafts), blending their eerie instrumentation with a well-suited post-punk feel that gives the track a strong Echo and the Bunnymen flavor (with a cheeky lyrical nod to Ian McCulloch). The track is a lot different from the other album track that's already been released, "Bulbform", which drew more from the witch house side of the spectrum and felt a bit more heavily distorted and beat-driven. The album will feature 11 tracks; can't wait to see what else the Toronto duo, pairing Maya Postepski of Austra fame with Robert Alfons, will throw into the mix!

You can purchase the "Sulk" single, paired with B-side "The Dazzle", from Arts and Crafts.

Trust - "Sulk"


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