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Djoystik - "Je Vais Jamais Arrété de Chanté"

Ladies and gentleman I give you Djoystik - dancehall/ hip hop artist and producer. Djoystik comes from the streets of Fort de France, Martinique. He is an artist in the true sense of the word. He sings for the love. When I hear Djoystik sing I always think of a quote from Victor Hugo: "Music is what flows from the soul when words fail and yet one cannot remain silent." The track I'm sharing with you today is called "Je Vais Jamais Arrété de Chanté" translated: "I will never stop singing." Djoystik's songs may not be super refined (they are recorded in his bedroom) but his talent in undeniable. Right now, you can only hear his music here or in a parking lot above the industrial ports of Martinique. Do yourself a favor and follow him on Soundcloud, his future is bright. Now you might have noticed that I have already posted a few times on creole music. Here's why: in my opinion creole lends itself to music like no other language. It has a percussion-like quality with short sharp words that sync with beats like peas and carrots. Don't worry about the language barrier though, Djoystik's lyrical content is as deep as the Caribbean sea but its all about the vibe anyway. 

Also, check out this other energetic dancehall track by Djoystik:



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