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Beardyman - "Oh!" (Feat. Foreign Beggars) (Benji Boko Remix)

Quite possibly two of the hottest of hot sauce names on the UK scene at the moment, a collaboration between Beardyman and Foreign Beggars is bound to churn out something good. Factor in a remix fron Benji Boko and the result is something a wee bit special, it's safe to say.  The video is produced by Beardyman, reputable beat boxer extraordinaire, who says that most of the sounds in the video are actually created by the human voice box and then screwed beyond any kind of recognition. 

Check the video for the original version below and also grab a free remix from Beardyman's website here.

Stream: Beardyman - Oh! Feat Foreign Beggars (Benjo Boko Remix)



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