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Torgny - "Big Day" (Plant Plants Remix)

Torgny is one of these incredible Scandinavian electronic pop producers/songwriters who seems to effortlessly create absorbing  soundscapes that are chilling sparse, melancholy and beautiful at the same time. His forthcoming EP is a celebration of a trio of films directed by Emil Trier. The Trilogy EP features the three original tracks as well as a carefully selected remixer for each song and is released January 23rd.

The concept for the trilogy of films was to document the lives of young people in comtemporary Scandinavia with each track featuring the vocal talents of Norwegian singer Maria Due.  The music is as you'd expect from the Scadinavian Electro-pop genre. Big brooding synths, lucid melodies, and a harmonious feel that is happy either in the background or grabbing your attention entirely. 

You can see the full trio of videos HERE and check out the second in the series below as well as getting a free download of Plant Plants remix below

Download: Torgny - Big Day (Plant Plants remix)



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