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Alexander Spit - These Long Strange Nights [Mixtape]

It's easy to tell rapper Alexander Spit is fiendishly serious about his music when you see he has inspired artwork for every song off his 11-track mixtape, These Long Strange Nights. That and close friend slash huge endorser Bobby Hundreds of the streetwear brand, The Hundreds says he's one of the hardest working guys he has ever met.

Representing both SF and LA, Spit's mixtape was released late last year and has some elements worth noting. Spit's flow is smoke smooth and when lit up against a range of beats, there is a good variety to choose from. "Strange and Unusual" panders to its name, meandering with unbeatable mellowness. "El Camino", featuring Earmilk rap darling Gilbere Forte, is on the opposite end of the spectrum, a sample-heavy track that while is nowhere near mellow will likely cause the same chin-jerking reaction as from its listener as "Strange and Unusual". It seems the video below of "Real RSWD Pt. 1", featuring LA-based rap duo CBG, gives a good gist of what this Spit character is all about. Download These Long Strange Nights here.

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