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Pictureplane - Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes

We've already made it more than obvious that we're smitten with Pictureplane aka Travis Egedy's 2011 release, Thee Physical (released via Lovepump United). Having nabbed the #7 spot on our best electronic albums of 2011, we've previously waxed poetic on the album itself, the video for "Black Nails", and Pictureplane's Halloween show in Boston. Pictureplane's music is smart, sexy, and genre-defying, just like we like our mates (Er, what? Sorry. But you get the idea). From retro samples to trancey beats to witchy moods, Pictureplane has infectious, complex music perfected like no one else, and now, Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes chops, screws, twists, and blends the collection, refreshing an already delectable base for new listening.

      Post Physical (Ritualz Alien Trance Remix)
Download: Pictureplane - Post-Physical (Ritualz Alien Trance Remix)

      Real Is A Feeling (Grimes Remix)
Download: Pictureplane - Real Is A Feeling (Grimes Remix)

      Post Physical (True Womanhood Remix)
Download: Pictureplane - Post Physical (True Womanhood Remix)

Remixers include names you might recognize, like Grimes, Lokiboi, Ritualz, and True Womanhood, as well as many artists you're not so likely to have heard of -- but can put complete trust in Egedy's compilation of a series of remixes that deserve an aural visit. You won't forget you're listening to something derived from Pictureplane, but it's also perfectly palatable in one nonstop row, since the tracks feel so different (even though there are only four songs remixed, "Touching Transform", "Trancegender", "Real is a Feeling", and "Body Mod", on a compilation of 19 tracks).

You can download or stream the full remix album from Dis Magazine.

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