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Legit - "A N***** in Northface" [Music Video]

Dropping July of last year, Legit's mixtape, Coloring Outside the Lines, included quite a few bangers. One of these bangers was called "A N***** in Northface," featuring Arielle. Now, months later, a music video for the song has emerged. Although, a month late, with barely 90,000 views on the YouTube video, I think it's safe to assume not enough eyes have cried or ears have frowned.

Oh, the plight of the "mismatched" couple-- a story as old as time itself. "A N***** in Northface" is your modern rendition of Romeo and Juliet, and a heartbreaking story that you'd hear on the 10 o'clock news, all in one. It's enough drama to leave you screaming at your monitor, and enough tragedy to interest you in Shakespeare, but it's also enough reality to sit back and think about for a while. Whether you're a fan already, or a Legit neophyte, the song and its accompanying video are an enjoyable experience. Enjoy!

And if you've enjoyed what you heard above, download Legit's mixtape, Coloring Outside the Lines, below!

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