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The Weeknd - "High for This" (Sibian & Faun Bootleg)

Montreal's Milo Reinhardt and Xavier León, who make ethereal music of their own under the combined moniker Sibian & Faun, have released a bootleg of The Weeknd's "High for This". At the moment, remixes of Echoes and Silence have taken over the Weeknd remix sphere (a sphere that's full of shining examples of how remixes can be done right). However, revisiting the classic House of Balloons tracks that pushed The Weeknd's ascent into fame off the ground is also always welcome, and "High for This" will forever have a haunting feel that can't be matched (you can't even try to argue that any new Weeknd track has quite matched this one). The blending of Sibian & Faun's eerie style with one of The Weeknd's darker tracks makes for a darkly decadent treat.

If you're a New Yorker (or, apparently, a Bostonite, as I'll be making the trip from semi-afar), you can catch Sibian & Faun with oOoOO and White Ring on January 21 at Glasslands Gallery. Tickets are still available! Come get spooky 

      High For This (Sibian%20%20Faun Bootleg)
Download: The Weeknd - High For This (Sibian & Faun Bootleg)

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