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Leche - Moombahton

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Picture an anxious Dave Nada just about to step behind the decks of a lil cuzz's basement house party in the suburbs of summer DC. It's a school day, but the kids are out and a handful of brews have them wasted as fuck wildin' out to dead reggaeton beats. But Dave, 1 half of Nadastrom, plays house. A genre opposite in the bpm spectrum, with a whole different groove and attitude.

The last thing on his mind is clearing a dancefloor and imploding the spicy vibes of a sweaty basement filled with jail bait teenagers. So with sweaty palms he flips through his wallet to find the biggest banger with a latin snare beat. He lands on Afrojack's remix of Moombah, pops in the CD, and from 130 to 110 Moombahton was born.

Here we present to you, Leche. A throwdown of carefully selected picks by yours truly. All to serve one purpose and one purpose only, to make that ass vibrate.

Some of these tracks are taken from Through the Wire and Generation Bass's New Wave of Moombahton Complications

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/31357685" params="show_comments=false&auto_play=false&color=21170f" width="100%" height="81" ]

      10 - Afrojack - Replica (Ronaissance Moombahton Remix)
Download: Afrojack - Replica (Ronaissance Moombahton Remix) - 10 - Afrojack - Replica (Ronaissance Moombahton Remix)

      11 - BIGMAKK - Heads High
Download: BIGMAKK - Heads High - 11 - BIGMAKK - Heads High

      01 - Dskotek- Ride Of Valkyrie (Noms Remix)
Download: Dskotek - Ride of Valkyrie (Noms Remix) - 01 - Dskotek- Ride Of Valkyrie (Noms Remix)

      02 Le Grand Zombi
Download: ETC!ETC! x NACEY - Le Grand Zombi

      The Beach (Ultrademons Slow Mix)
Download: Fire For Effect - The Beach (Ultrademon's Slow Mix)

      06 - Freaky Philip - Cono
Download: Freaky Philip - 06 - Freaky Philip - Cono

      08 Dutty Pum Pum Ft Feral Aka Mc Kinky
Download: JON KWEST x OBEYAH - Dutty Pum Pum Ft Feral Aka Mc Kinky

      06 - Kid Cedek - 20 TWELVE
Download: Kid Cedek -20 TWELVE - 06 - Kid Cedek - 20 TWELVE

      04 El Diablo
Download: KID CEDEK x MUST DIE x SAZON BOOYA - El Diablo

      12 Fuck Wit My Eardrums
Download: KLEVER x BILLY THE GENT - Fuck Wit My Eardrums

      Sensation (Original Mix)
Download: LA Yaute - Sensation (Original Mix)

      The World will Be in Love
Download: Mendez - The World will Be in Love

      Vem e du (Boyfriend%20%20Ophex remix) MASTERED
Download: Panda Da Panda - Vem e du (Boyfriend & Ophex remix) MASTERED

      02 - Paul David - Red Light
Download: Paul David - Red Light - 02 - Paul David - Red Light

      10 Dale Mas Claps
Download: SABO x MELO - Dale Mas Claps

      Mi Burrito Sabanero
Download: Sabo' Moombahton Remix - Mi Burrito Sabanero

      03 - SLVRSNKRS - Moombacid Bounce
Download: SLVRSNKRS - Moombacid Bounce - 03 - SLVRSNKRS - Moombacid Bounce

      04 - STLKRFXXX - Like This
Download: STLKRFXXX - Like This - 04 - STLKRFXXX - Like This

      Kingstone (Original Mix)
Download: Valentino Khan - Kingstone (Original Mix)

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