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Mista Wish - Stretch Out (His Majesty Andre Remix)

Searching through the west side boroughs of Chicago, French based label Moveltraxx are digging up some ground breaking juke to serve to the masses. Held up high by the locals, Mista Wish has stood on the fringes of the mainstream to preserve the sound of his neighbourhood. His latest single "Stretch Out" is getting the remix treatment by a dream team of forward thinking artists that are known to dabble in their hip hop influences in the past.

California's LOL Boys pull a 180 from what you'd expect to be a comic strip of erratic cutting & pasting, instead the duo smashes any notions of having a sound with a techno outlook bent on raw and heavy basslines. On top of that you've got a much needed ghetto spin on UK garage from The Quest and a short circuit of robotic juke by Lucid. Grab the synergetic newschool oldschool revival in His Majesty Andre's remix, a hip house bump yours to tease exclusively by Da Movelt Posse.

      Stretch Out (His Majesty Andre Remix)
Exclusive: Mista Wish - Stretch Out (His Majesty Andre Remix)

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