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Lykke Li - The Lost Session Vol.1

Fans of Lykke Li, get on her mailing list! This is a "must do" in order to personally receive her latest updates. Today, Li generously sent out three acoustic versions of "I Follow Rivers", "Jerome", and "Youth Knows No Pain" under a collection called The Lost Session Vol.1. The three songs are all under Wounded Rhymes, which you can still purchase to soundtrack your holiday break. Listen to the raw intricate vocals of Li in "Youth Knows No Pain" and enjoy her little inspirational message below.

      03 Youth Knows No Pain
Download: Lykke Li- Youth Knows No Pain

"I'd thought I'd give you this to put in your little players, either stick it in your ears or play it loud when the lights are low, mind weary and days rainy.

Remember; life is a process, no feeling is final.

There is no end and no beginning.

Yours truly always,

Lykke Li

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