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DJ Bahler & Frail Limb Purity - "Dancing With The Devil"

Just when I thought DJ Bahler couldn't impress me more, he goes off and teams up with Frail Limb Purity to create something special. It's no secret that I've come to expect great things from Bahler, and Frail Limb Purity can certainly hold his own but their collaborative mashup left my ears desperately wanting more. If you feel like chilling, then this track is exactly what you need to get in that peaceful state of mind. The vocal sample, provided by the smooth singing of The Weeknd, is emotionally driven yet easy to connect to. The Glitch Mob instrumental samples has subtle hints of a pulsating bassline that fills the room with a chill vibe, yet doesn't overpower The Weeknd's vocals. In short, I'd dance with the devil, and more, if this song was playing.

      Dancing With The Devil
Download: DJ Bahler & Frail Limb Purity - Dancing With The Devil (The Weeknd x The Glitch Mob x Chris de Luca)

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